On Line Payment 


This is Emerald Travels' online payment form for making your monthly payments on existing reservations only.  This form cannot be used to make a reservation.  If your cabin mate has booked already, and  you are making a deposit to get in their cabin, you must fill out a reservation form first.  Once you have filled out your own reservation form, and received an invoice from Emerald Travels, then you can use this form to make your monthly payments online.  To fill out a reservation form online, please return to the information page.

Please note: partial payments are not accepted online.  You must enter your total current amount due or greater, to make an online payment.  Please contact us by phone at 510-685-8416 if you have any questions.

We accept all major credit cards. 

On Line Payment

Is your billing address for this credit card the same as the mailing address you used at the time of booking?

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